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SAS Affiliate and Groovepages

I Used Mike Filsaime's New Groove Website and Sales Funnel Builder, and Here's My In-Depth Review

sas affiliate and groovepages

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What is Groovepages, What it Does and Who Created it?

Groovepage is one of the most powerful all in one marketing solutions that is hitting the affiliate marketing industry by storm. Created by the Marketing Extraoridinaire Mike Filsaime, Groovefunnels contains an amazing solution that includes Website and Sales Funnel Building, Email Marketing, Webinar Software, Ecommerce, Video Hosting and so much more. I wish I could do it justice but you will have to take a look for yourself while it's still free. Yes, you can build 3 fully designed websites in Groove pages without having to pay a dime. Click here to get it for Free!

How it works with SAS Affiliate

When you get Groovefunnels for free, you also need a system to implement a successful plan that ranks these websites for your customers. That's why SAS Affiliate and groovepages work together so well. Groovepages adds amazing features like Site Speed and SEO User Friendly that allow Google to rank these websites. 

What You Get from Both 

While Groovepages is a powerful site builder with amazing site speed, it also allows you to build out websites with lead generation and affiliate commissions in mind. Working alongside SAS Affiliate, you learn the best ways to promote your affiliate products and encourages customers to click the links so you generate leads and more affiliate commissions. But you have to follow the program step by step and not try to reinvent the wheel. Both of these solutions were created by online marketers who have had wild success with affiliate marketing. 

Groove's Key Features

Groove's key feature in relation to SAS Affiliate is it's focus on SEO and Site Speed. With SAS Affiliate, they teach you how to build your websites with SEO in mind. This allows you to generate free traffic for bothyour websites and youtube videos that you will be building in the SAS Affiliate course. Once your site is built, you will not have to do too much more to keep it ranked in Google. This is the power of Groovepages. 

Pros - What Makes it Great?

I started using Groovepages because it was free. But I began to understand the value when I started to build sites using its powerful features. It easy to build professional websites that will stand out for your audience. But, it does things on the backend that most will never see, from the site speed to the SEO juice that's generated from Groove pages. 

Cons - What I Don't Like?

When I first started using Groove pages, I did get a little frustrated because I didn't know how it all worked and needed to learn about the best and fastest way to build sites with a good wireframe. But once I got used it, I was able to build great looking sites that are mobile friendly, user friendly and marketing friendly. 

Why I Choose Groove pages over the rest

I don't know of any other competition that allows you to build up to 3 Websites for Free. This alone gave me the time to figure out the software and find the value in it that makes me want to keep using it. I would gladly choose groovefunnels over the software builders for this very reason. And I hope you check it out too. If you buy SAS Affiliate through my link, I include a fully built funnel that you can download directly into groovepages. 

✅ FREE Website Builder and Sales Funnel Builder 

✅ Email Marketing Solution so you will never need to pay for another email software.

✅ Membership Site Builder so you don't have pay for other software solutions.

✅ Video Hosting, Webinar Software, Help Desk Software and more...

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Join SAS Affiliate

SAS is the perfect step by step program that works with groovepages to rank these fast websites to get free traffic. 


Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Groove...

  • Q. Is Groovepages really FREE?

 - Yes, with our affiliate link you get up to 3 websites you can build for free, without having to pay for any hosting, get incredible site speed, many SEO benefits, and more...

  • Q. Does SAS Affiliate Compliment Groovepages?

 - Yes, Groovepages is not only free, but it works hand in hand with SAS Affiliate to help you rank affiliate products in Google and Youtube. 

  • Q. Do I need any other Software to Start this Business?

 - With SAS Affiliate, Groovepages is your only software needed to start ranking websites in Google and Youtube, and generating leads that turn into affiliate commissions. 

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